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      THNK | Artisan Coffee & Homemade Jamu

      Think first, Thank later.

      Well-rounded hepi-ness, delivered to YOU!

      We select artisan coffee blends from passionate baristas of our partner coffee shops and cafes to keep you awake and lift up your mood; and we empower local women for producing homemade herbal drink (jamu) to boost your immune system.

      With you, our lovely and innovative customers, we are able to clean the world we live in for generations to come and we hope we can 'clean' ourselves from within as well with these collective positive efforts. Hence, we become 'hepi'er.

      Let's invite our families, friends, colleagues in this hepi-ness journey! :)

      Artisan Coffee 

      Curated beans are processed carefully using high standard equipment, a touch of passion from our partners' baristas is added, then all the goodness in the Artisan Coffee blends are delivered using reusable glass packaging by Hepi Circle. 

      (1 Liter = 4-5 servings)

      These products can be delivered to all over Surabaya. Pick up only available at its own cafes/coffee shops.

      Homemade Jamu

      Selected (almost all) certified organic ingredients and high hygiene standards to deliver all the goodness in our Homemade Jamu. Lots of love from the woman from our local village bringing more hepi-ness to you when you drink it. What's more? Hepi Circle delivers it using reusable glass packaging.

      (1 Liter = 4-5 servings)

      These products can be delivered to all over Surabaya. Pick up is available at all locations.


      Packaging Information

      1. Products are sold and delivered in a reusable glass bottle (standard packaging).
      2. One bottle (all size) costs Rp. 36,000. All functioning reusable packagings are covered with lifetime and buyback (at 50%) warranty.
      3. If you have a functioning 250 ml Bormioli Rocco swing bottle, 500 ml, or 1-liter size Ikea Korken, you can exchange it into our standard packaging because we use the same bottles.
      4. We clean all glass bottle packagings using soap and then sterilize them with hot water.

       Fun Facts

      1. Glass is the only packaging material generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA. With the GRAS classification, glass containers require no leaching or extraction testing.
      2. The glass should be reused because the carbon footprint from glass production and distribution is higher than plastic. Besides, glass recycling cost is also higher than plastic. Furthermore, when it breaks, it would be difficult for the recycling facility to manage, please handle with care.
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