Grab & Shake Salad in a Jar (BASIC SALAD)

Grab & Shake Salad in a Jar (BASIC SALAD)

Setiap Hari
Harga Jual

Weekly pre-order: closed every Tuesday, delivered every Friday.

Setiap hari basic salad in a jar contains all organic vegetables and herbs.

These beautiful layers are packed with balanced nutrients: fiber, protein (vegan), carb, and vitamins. All of the fresh ingredients are harvested and produced by Brenjonk Organic Community, rinsed using their natural mountain water; then perfectly paired with special salad dressing crafted by a professional chef.

100% made with love by the local women in Penanggungan Village.


  1. Lemon herbs vinaigrette (lemon, canola oil, fresh garlic, fresh basil, dried oregano, black pepper, salt, wild forest honey)

Additional IDR 10.000 for reusable packaging*

Additional IDR 1.000 for composable & disposable wooden fork.

*one time only, swap system like water gallon, packaging buyback/resell at 50%

layers in the picture are for illustration purposes only.