BASIC Salad in A Jar 4x (Langganan)

BASIC Salad in A Jar 4x (Langganan)

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BASIC Salad in A Jar 4x (Weekly Subscription/Langganan)

Why subscribe our Salad?

1. We have limited jars each week so your order will be prioritised. 

2. Save delivery fees 50% (pay 2 for 4 deliveries) if you choose delivery when check out or you can save delivery fees by selecting pick up (ambil sendiri) at our participating partners for this specific products (automatically appear when pick up check out).

3. Delivered once a week, four weeks in a row.

We will confirm your dressing/sauce option each week to make sure you can still enjoy our various home made dressings creation, including the newest launch.

PO closed every Tuesday (can be closed earlier when we reach the stock limit).
Delivery every Friday

Please choose jars quantity per week in this product page (not in the check out page). This is to make sure you get our promotional shipping fees if you choose delivery when check out.

No Packaging (Tanpa Kemasan): You already purchase the initial standardised packaging.